Florida family, including kids and pregnant mom, sickened by LSD-tainted beef




I don't know where it could have come from, and this terrible, but it does explain some of the apparel worn by the people of Walmart.


Maybe they were using paper plates and it was on the plates not the beef? Just a guess.


Obviously WalMart mislabeled it - it wasn't beef, it was mule.


Should have kept quiet…now everyone will want LSD beef...


Wow. A shame they didn't know until later that the cause of the hallucinations was LSD - the emergency delivery, which I imagine would have been quite traumatic, would probably have turned out to be unnecessary.


Good grief, that's horrible. What could someone get out of doing that? Gah.

I understand the desire to take hallucinogens oneself, but what's the point of giving them to unsuspecting people, especially children?!? As for the pregnant woman, I don't know whether the LSD would have any impact on the kid-in-utero, but maternal stress isn't good for 'em, and getting dosed must be stressful -- even more if you've never tripped before.


Shame on Boing Boing! Forwarding scare headlines helps nobody!

LSD would disintegrate in cooking. Police drug tests are notoriously incorrect.

This 'LSD Beef from Wal-Mart' scare headline is based on the word of one police officer. I have no doubt that they ate something that sickened them, but the idea that somebody went in and so thoroughly soaked a piece of meat in LSD that it survived the cooking process and got everyone in a family is straight out of 'reefer madness'.

Shiny things exist! And Brainspore is handsome and mad with power! Meow


Seriously, BB, WTF, and other all caps expressions of disappointment.


Good point. Being sick from a terrible infection can make you hallucinate as well, amongst other things.


Who the hell would waste good LSD like that?


What with LSD being a fragile chemical, the ignorant speculation by law enforcement, the mass hysteria aspect, credulous reportage, and did the whole family all eat the same piece of meat, seriously?
I'm not buying it. It smells like 'Batboy' to me.


So apparently not everyone knew to avoid the brown meat.


Maybe we'd best ask the CIA why they used to think it was worth doing to people?


Me neither. LSD breaks down very fast at cooking temperatures. It reminds me of those stories in the 60's warning school kids to avoid the 'stickers' laced with LSD that hippys would just 'give away' to kids.

More likely explanation. It was in the house already and the kids got into and this is a cover story.


One should always stick to the True Black Meat.


I'm expecting to see this show up in email chains and then on Snopes.


Or a crazy neighbour/relative/random Floridian spiked 'em some other way. If, as has been said, there was any acid anywhere. I dunno about the states, but it's canny hard to find here these days.


Wait, you can email acid?


The story says steak. Rare steak doesn't get cooked that much in the center (hence the phrase "cold-center steak"). I would hold off on dismissing the possibility that the meat was tainted prior to cooking until we have more information.