Olympic cyclist puts down sik wattz, toasts bread

Robert “Quadzilla” Förstemann demonstrates the power needs of a simple electric appliance in terms of human-power.

however, human-power is not exactly correct. the video is right to use the metric of “one Robert” rather than “one human” to power a toaster. as his physique suggests, Förstemann has what might otherwise be called a “birth defect” except his is an advantage:

He claims to have a congenital malfunction of the protein myostatin , which would normally inhibit muscle growth.


This is, of course, a fortunate mutation which is just one of those things and good on him for being able to take advantage of it in such a way.

As opposed to Caster Semenya, whose mutation is an abomination and an unfair advantage which must be eliminated and her performance be artificially hobbled no matter the cost to her health to “make it fair” for her competition.

If only there were some way of describing the essential difference between these two situations.


It’s the guy from Triplets of Belleville!


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