Watch this impressively strong 5-year-old do pushups on glass bottles

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This is really really pathological. My kid was in martial arts at that age, and I’ve seen kids getting a healthy workout. This is not that.


Is this another one of those kids with a genetic inability to produce myostatin? And who will thus be faced with troubling health complications later in life?

(I almost spelled myostatin right on my first try.)

There have been at least two documented cases of a mutation in humans
that triggers accelerated muscle growth and extraordinary strength right
from birth; it happens when both copies of a myostatin-producing gene
are defective, is extremely rare, and no one knows what the long term
health consequences are. Having said that…the child in whom the mutation
was first identified could, at age four, hold two 6.6 lb weights with
his arms extended. That’s the equivalent of 3 litres of water. In each

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At the risk of sounding like a concern troll here… Child bodybuilding does not sound like the kind of thing that is healthy for a child’s physical development. There’s making sure your child is keeping up with their physical fitness, and then there’s this (the older brother):


It would be interesting to know if there is something of that flavor at work here. It’s certainly possible that the family is just nuts and driving their kids into dysfunction and/or shooting them full of steroids; but if both siblings are hulking out, there may also be some biology involved.

The ‘Bully Whippet’ variant certainly requires no special treatment, aside from adequate feeding, to go muscle crazy.

The “double muscle” mutation was best known is sheep, and I think it has been found in a couple humans, including a female sprinter IIRC.

I think Jesus had that - he was pretty ripped as a baby:

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