Little kid works hard at jumping onto stool


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You and the stool ah one weed hoppa!


That stool is higher than their hips. Most grown-ups couldn’t do this. This is some serious cross-fit shit.


Now they gotta move the cookie jar to a higher shelf.

Who am I kidding? This kid doesn’t eat cookies.



The payoff at the end of the video was worth it.


Sure, that’s just physics. If I had the strength to weight ratio of my 18 month old I’d be the greatest powerlifter, sprinter, track cyclist, super-Olympian the world has ever seen.


Oh thank goodness, THAT kind of stool.


Not discounting the clear expression of joy at the end, I still get the feeling from the scene cuts, grim determination, and parental interaction that this is something being required of the child.


Yikes. Child is being encouraged in this, certainly. Glad the child stuck the landing, but I’m guessing the platform will now be raised a bit more…

Btw with the headline I had wondered if it was maybe this kind of jumping kid:


Our daughter was the opposite. She liked jumping off of a stepstool (which we bought because the wooden stool she liked jumping off of was not sufficiently sturdy or stable).


Yup, did you see the blocks under the stool? That’s clearly what’s going on.


Epic! That’s a serious superhero pose,

I love the kid’s expression of triumph at the end of the video.

@Spizella Goats are totally mint.


No, you wouldn’t. At best you’d be an average person. Kids aren’t dramatically proportionally stronger than regular people; their strength and speed is roughly in line (porportionally) with that of most untrained, regular people. My 4 year-old couldn’t make that jump, and my 7-year-old would probably do about as well as this kid did, even leaving everything at the same size. Most normal kids could not do what this kid did.


He is arat.gym on Instagram


Not sure why this post was tagged “free range kids” unless it was for the purpose of making the point that the opposite of it can also be good.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel inspired to go buy some jeans. Not sure why.


Anyone else think, “Ooh, bit close to that radiator?” Or am I just a worrywart?


I think because “free range” implies letting children experience some level of risk or greater personal reward. Not necessarily free-ranging outside. I would think most parents would be too anxious to allow their child to do this over and over.


Yeah, that’s one heck of a box jump. Especially after so many attempts. I was worried it was too parent forced, but you just can’t fake that shout of accomplishment at the end. The kiddo WANTED this.