Watch this track star make a 61-inch vertical jump

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I know I’m speaking to the choir, but CLICKBAIT ALERT: that’s not a 61" vertical jump.

Vertical jump is measured by measuring your standing reach, and then measuring the highest point you can reach while jumping (with two steps before jumping); it’s essentially a delta in position of your center of mass. This measures your functional ability to move your body overall.

This is clearing a 61" height. It definitely requires a good vertical jump, but it’s also requiring timing, coordination, and flexibility to get your legs up over those bars quickly. It’s an amazing demonstration of all those things, but it’s not a 61" vertical jump.

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Exactly. If the average younger person could only clear 20" under those circumstances, then something would be very wrong with today’s youth. Too much video games, I say! Mario can’t do all the jumping for you!

Meanwhile, sometimes it takes me more than one try to get my leg high enough to put on my shorts.


It’s amazing to me how little his knees bend for the big jump. It seems like you would need to come from a bigger crouch to generate enough lift, but the proof is in the pudding. He got some crazy air and made it look easy.

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