Enjoy the slo-mo thrill of a kid jumping on an ice-covered trampoline


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Too much fun!


That was better than bubble wrap! I was afraid he was going to thud.


I was waiting to see a slow-mo gush of blood as the ice shards pierced the skin.


That right there is BoingBoing at its finest :heart:


Worth it.


Wow, that was approximately 1647x cooler than I thought it’d be


Very, very cool. I wonder, though: once he lands, we can see that some of the edge springs are missing. Did they fail on this jump, or were they already gone? Either way, I’m not sure I’d have the minerals to jump on that thing…


Gotta love look of sheer joy on the boys face!


I was wondering exactly this. also, awesome video, except for the damn vertical aspect ratio.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I could watch this all damn day. So mesmerizing. This is my fave moment.


Perhaps, if he gets any imitators. This winter, the Chicago area has had weather that is far closer to what I experienced as a kid. Low temps, lots of precipitation. Bet it makes for way sharper ice shards. But also a much cooler video.


But he jumped vertically, not horizontally.

And the trampoline is circular, so don’t expect it to take your side.




I did enjoy that!


This is the Boss version of stomping on the frozen puddles on while walking to school


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