Watch this high school cheerleader levitate


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…misdirection, sleight of foot, and young women who have quite extraordinary muscle strength and control in relation to their weight.


Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.


That’s great, but you didn’t show the followup: an equally clever stunt ruined by jerkish pranks and bad sportsmanship.


Good use of vertical video.


Well, her name is Ariel.


Clickbait. That’s not levitation. That’s stepping on an invisible box! Totally different!


Oh! That poor dog! Why would she do that?



Yeah. simple in principle, but it requires a BIG standing one legged leap.


I agree. Vertical is actually justified in this case.


I think this is the “challenge” that the tweet refers to:


This one is somewhat more convincing as a stepping motion, whereas the tweeted version looks like the jump that it is.


Someone should move that box, it looks like a tripping hazard.



redeem for these time-saving kitchen appliances!


Came here to post a Mime reference. Satisfied.


Oddly Ariel is Hebrew in origin (“Lion of God”).


I see what you did there, setting a trap for Roy Moore. I’m not falling for it.


I had a dog named Ariel when I lived in England, and everyone we met thought she was named after the laundry detergent…except for the few who thought it through and decided that made no sense, she must be named after a television antenna.


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