OMG We can't stop eating Trader Joe's Partially Popped Popcorn

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But will they break two molars like the stuff in the bottom of regular popcorn? (true story)


These are half-popped popcorn. It’s crunchier than fully popped corn, but fluffy, and the reason I like half-popped popcorn is the nutty taste it has.


I thought I was the only one who fished these out of the bottom of the bowl! I didn’t realize you could get a whole bag. This makes my day.


the version found in real grocers:

god dammit, i misread the title…i thought this was going to be about civet popcorn. :smile:

in all seriousness though, the partially popped kernels always have been my favorite…genius.


Is the proprietary process a sizing screen on the main (fully popped) popcorn line?


You haven’t had the Giant Peruvian Inca Corn yet, have you? It’s so much better than the half-popped corn. It’s a good thing the bags are small, because it’s hard to stop eating it.

I got a Firecracker chocolate bar today. Oh my goodness. Grab one before they’re all gone!

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I would have guessed they simply popped the corn under pressure. If someone has a pressure cooker, it should be possible to test.

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My girlfriend shares that same affinity for these, but I just can’t bring myself to give them a shot. I so strongly associate popcorn that looks like this with memories of tooth-jarring hard bits, tasting awful, and getting things stuck between my teeth that it’s almost like talking me into eating a bowl of thumbtacks.

“No, but these are different from regular thumbtacks. Sure they look pretty much like thumbtacks, but this stuff is actually good to eat.”

Yeah, but no thanks.
I’m still not convinced this isn’t an elaborate joke.


Nice try! Are you FBI?


2.79 for a 6oz bag. Nope…

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The second photo looks like heavily glazed doughnut holes!
I’m in!


If you are sensitive to MSG, beware anything containing “sea salt” (especially if someone has described it as “addictive”). The FDA allows a lot of leeway on how much non-salt can be in “sea salt”. You are much safer with ingredient labels that just say salt.

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MSG is a salt. Just not sodium chloride.


Wow, really great article about popcorn,
Spoiler alert!

WAIT WAIT. so this is an entire bag of the reason I don’t eat popcorn? An entire bag of “I just spent the last six hours wondering if a I cracked a tooth or not”. I can pay money to find the part of the popcorn that has me only eating popcorn if I made it myself the hard way from over priced varietal popping corn?


ps my popcorn comes from the Amish. I pop it in a large metal bowl over my gas stove using a few table spoons of bacon fat, peanut oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. I toss some onion powder in there if’n I want to get fancy. Otherwise its just butter. And I hit it with a bit too much pickling salt, and then STUDIOUSLY AVOID these partially popped kernels. Crunchy though they may be these are the ones that dig into my gums and cause nasty weeks long infections. This product is a big bag of why I can’t eat normal popcorn.

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But MSG is not a simple salt, it’s an amino-acid which acts as a neurotransmitter. The FDA requires that when you put “salt” on the label it’s fairly pure NaCl

Do you have a reference for this? Because it sounds like bullshit.

Considering where sea salt is comes from (the sea or a salt mine in the US), you’d have to actually intentionally add MSG in (which is illegal for things labeled “sea salt”) or for some reason be drying truly massive amounts of seaweed in your saltwater ponds.

There is plenty of things not NaCl in seawater-derived sea salt, but they are the trace minerals found in seawater (upwards of 14%). I suppose if you hate magnesium or calcium, you have reason to worry, but otherwise, people should be fine. Sometimes you get clay and other impurities that color it gray or pink, but those are specialty products - no one uses that in commercial foods without explicitly calling them out because they are so much more expensive.


MSG is not the boogyman. Buy it in powder form. Use it to cook in savory recipes. Realize it’s like salt. Enjoy the results. Have whatever headaches you were having anyways.