Omg wtf tsa

“Precheck” is the special double-plus-good EZ-security for Good People. If you are good, honest, frequent-flying citizen, you can patriotically volunteer to undergo preemptive scrutiny. In exchange, you get hustled through security, directly to whatever important places your important business make take you, while the cattle get gate-raped and the Orwellian no-fly crew get worked over.

“Precheck” is not the sort of program that accepts complainers, dissidents, or other dubiously human specimens. They can wait in the pornoscanner line.

My understanding is that, for the moment, you have to be a talented complainer (a serious amateur crank, or a journalist, say) to actually be denied, rather than merely hassled; but if you want to cut in line, your nose had better be as brown as the people we don’t allow on airplanes.

Well, to those who say, “but they didn’t have $technology back when they wrote the Constitution!”, this is where it gets you, you can walk, ride a horse, even bicycle! But nothing with a motor.

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