Ominous letter hints at new mysteries in the world of Elder Scrolls Online

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I swore off of MMOs a few years back, but then lockdown hit and Guild Wars 2 got its claws into me again.
I subsequently spent a rather embarrassing amount in their gemstore, but at the same time, really enjoyed the game.

I was worried that I’d maybe never be able to escape its clutches, and I was logging in to do dailies every day.

But thankfully, the Steam release of Dwarf Fortress came along and summarily broke GW2’s hold on me.

But my time in GW2 did expose me to other current MMOs (even if I didn’t play them; MMOs are very greedy by their nature, and want to be the only game you’ll ever play).
And as such, I was able to determine that the current pecking order is probably:
TES Online

I’m sure they all have something to offer, but I’m happy my drug of choice was GW2, as by design, it’s the easiest to drop in and out of (even though they still utilise the same FOMO mechanisms a lot of these games do).
GW2 has a level limit that hasn’t changed since release, and similarly, there’s no gear-creep. It also has the best mounts in all of gaming, let alone in the MMO space.
Unfortunately, their team took a hit during lockdown, and their later content suffered as a result (the end of The Icebrood Saga and the most recent expansion, End of Dragons are noticeably worse than preceeding content); but they’ve committed to at least one more expansion.

And as is their wont, they’ll probably do another Living World season between End of Dragons and whatever the next expansion is, so I’ll pop in to take a look when that arrives.
But I’ll be very careful to limit my exposure, as these games really are the equivalent of digital crack.

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