Omnichord, the wonderfully simple synth-harp of the 1980s, is reborn

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I love the sound of that instrument. Minus the Bear made heavy use of the Omni on OMNI | Minus the Bear

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I have an OM-300 that I haven’t played with in years; just hauled it out again. “Upgraded” later to a Q-chord and gave the OM-300 to a friend, but I found I didn’t like it as much so asked if they would trade so I got the old one back.

Haven’t tried to use it as a midi controller yet, but that opens up even more possibilities - maybe I could control my animoog with it and get some wild space funk going!

I always wanted one but geez the used prices were always way too high

I’m fairly sure we had those in the music class in elementary school… :thinking:

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