Suzuki flute keyboard teardown

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Melodica = mouth-blown accordion
Suzuki Andes A-25F = mouth-blown single-register pipe organ

Cool … You can actually get these new. Although at €200 (on Amazon) not exactly cheap, especially compared to melodicas which cost around €25.

I thought this was going to be a quirky 80s thing from Suzuki like the Omnichord, but no, it’s new and I want one but I’m not willing to pay £140

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Ooh, I want one as well. 200 euro is a bit steep for a novelty thingy, but still…

Let’s see if they send em to germany without hiking the price to 300 euro.


It’s €200 on the German Amazon site, so that should be what you’d end up paying. You can apparently also get it off eBay for a bit less.

Have omnichord, willing to trade for Andes a-25 f.

But seriously, there’s not an obscure instrument that I don’t love. This is highly tempting.


I wonder if there’s a difference in terms of air pressure, and how many keys can be held down at once before you lose too much volume (and/or have to blow a lot harder.)

“Andes” in the name is interesting-- like they are alluding to the Andean siku (pan pipes).


As an accordionist I have to say this is super cool. I also want this one, played below by the great Rachelle Garniez:
Claviola - Wikipedia


What a marvellous little keyboard!

But when it comes down to a sound like either a recorder or a harmonica/accordion…well…the melodica so far remains my choice.

I have an Omnichord (which I love!) and a melodica and some concertinas; I’d add this to the collection but not sure I want to pay $168 for it (price I found for the green one like in the video). Looks and sounds cool, though!

You can buy a bad guitar for twice the price. I guess it’s value should be how important you think the instrument is for your music making and the quality of the build and sound.

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