On #boing authors and their relationship with the community

If I may?

The reason why we are discussing BB posts on the BBS is that they are posted, and this is something of a privilege akin to a position of authority.

@dnealy, I hope you do not see this as a personal attack. I just want to point out that in my perception, you usually voice strong opinions, and voice them as someone who believes in them (at the moment of voicing them, at least). I realise that sometimes I don’t agree, and have troubles not being triggered sometimes. I don’t have the time I carved out earlier to be active on the BBS, but in these instances I am sometimes glad for it, so I don’t get into a row online. :wink: Anyway, what I wanted to say: perhaps you could just try and check the reasons for your impulses when writing, and before posting? And if you find that you are very strong in your opinion, maybe have a lighter go at it. I think the conversation wouldn’t be less interesting, but more nuanced.

You do get the platform for that on BB, and the BBS is a wonderful collection of diverse (and neurodiverse) mutants which is bound to opine on your opinions. I’m glad they do. And I am also glad the writers and contributors are a diverse bunch (BTW, I somehow miss @doctorow, and the contributions of @japhroig), and I’m glad you are actually participating in the discussion. However, I also assume that this is sometimes costing you more energy than it is giving back.

In short: don’t tone it down, but try to judge a bit less strongly and have some fun. :slight_smile:

I hope that was intelligible?

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