On-camera blundering hits the same beats as song

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I like the way he sacrificed everything for the guitar’s safety. As if he’d accept a cracked skull before he allowed a bump to a tuning knob that would force him to re-tune.

It’s like watching W.C. Fields fall down a staircase and not spill his martini.


Is there some thread listing all of these somewhere?

Ooh another (sound dubious):

I think he just nailed the cadence of “collapse into chaos”. I’m sure there’s something in there for a mathematician to study.


One time I slipped on an icy sidewalk and twisted to land face first to protect my laptop on my back. I mean at least I caught myself with my hands so I didn’t actually faceplant, but…

Probably the same instinct that causes automobile accidents when something slips off the dashboard and the driver tries to catch it…


Les Pauls are known for breaking off at the headstock due to the steep 17 degree angle. Some companies argue that 10 degrees is safer and more sane. I tend to agree.

I don’t know whether or not he is playing an actual Gibson Les Paul, but if so, that’s thousands of dollars he was about to snap in half.


Funny as hell, but my guess is the music was added later (or is this so obvious it’s dumb to even mention?)


In The Air Tonight holds some nexus to the unviverse. Or sumthim’

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It’s a true story!


Related: mashup of the end of every AC/DC song sounds like the band falling down the stairs.

How should we end this

AV Club write up

I couldn’t breathe laughing so hard at this the first 4 or 5 hundred times I listened to it.

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Or watching Tony Hawk doing a McTwist and not spilling his milk.

The “fucking hell” sells it.


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