On Liz not endorsing Bernie

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y), one of Sanders’s most high-profile surrogates, told the Times she understood Warren’s hesitation.

“I always want to see us come together as a progressive wing,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I think that’s important and where we draw strength from. But at the same time, I come from the lens of an organizer,” she continued.

“And if someone doesn’t do what you want, you don’t blame them - you ask why. And you don’t demand that answer of that person - you reflect. And that reflection is where you can grow.”

Source: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/487144-warren-expected-to-refrain-from-endorsing-biden-sanders-during-primary?amp

Here’s hoping Bernie can do some growing.


While I do think we as the voting base can genuinely ask people like Yang, Harris, Buttigeig, or Klobuchar why they wouldn’t back Bernie…I think it is also fair to ask Bernie why they aren’t backing him. He seems to not have any fans within his peer group. the blame (regardless of percentage) is on both sides there.


I think he knows why they haven’t-- their policies are closer to Biden’s than his. More than one probably also thinks Biden will win the nomination, so they’re hoping for favors if he does. I doubt his being unfriendly (or not) towards them has anything to do with it.


His supporters arguably need to as well.


Who, the dreaded “Bernie bros”?


If your definition of “Bernie Bro” covers “people extremely salty that Warren hasn’t endorsed Bernie and went on SNL after dropping out” then yes, Bernie Bros.

Like Kate Wagner (of McMansion Hell), who RT’d this lovely idiotic gem of non-sequiturism:

As well as enough people on my Mastodon instance of choice that I had to mute the “uspol” content warning for the sake of my own sanity.


She doesn’t owe anyone shit, though. I mean, maybe Bernie should have dropped out and backed her…


They haven’t yet not backed Bernie, they’ve only endorsed Biden. They’ve also firmly and publicly committed to whoever wins the nomination. If Bernie wins the nomination and they don’t support him then asking them why would be appropriate.

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ok…fine…but seriously. If they wanted to back Sanders, they’d have endorsed him from the start.

I mean, does it really fucking matter who endorses whom? Is it really going to sway any reasonable person from one candidate to another? If you’re on-board with Biden, would Liz Waren endorsing Bernie change your mind? If you’re on-board with Bernie, is Klobuchar’s endorsement of Biden going to change your mind? It’s all just pointless theater to suck up more media oxygen as far as I’m concerned.


I think that’s also the case with Warren, if you step back and look at the bigger picture. I think her views on foreign policy are closer to Biden’s, and, unlike Bernie, she doesn’t have a fundamental problem with the Democratic Party power structure.

If she were going to challenge that power structure, she would have either run against Clinton, or endorsed Sanders in 2016. Since neither of those things happened, I don’t see why anyone would have expected her to endorse him this time.

100% true.

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If you meant “back Sanders over Biden,” that was surely not going to happen. Not only because their platforms are clearly closer to Biden’s, but also because Pete and Amy at least suffered persistent strident attacks from some of Bernie’s supporters (including staffers like Sirota).

This cycle polling shows that many voters have been making decisions last minute, so endorsements have more impact than usual.


Voters are making last minute decisions, yes, but I highly doubt the endorsements of failed presidential candidates of all things are driving anybody’s decisions here.


Not everybody’s, no, but definitely somebody’s.


You do not need to convince me otherwise. I never said they would have backed him…please read my post again.

The voting base can question them…but I think it is fair to ask him why he’s not getting the support from his peers. I have not said nor am I arguing that they should back Bernie. Please do not try to argue a point with me I did not make.

Thank you.

OK, I was just trying to clarify the backing thing in your first post, it could be read in a couple of ways.

I agree that it might be interesting to hear Bernie (as opposed to us) explain why the failed candidates have decided to endorse Biden over him. Well, maybe it would be interesting under other circumstances; after Bernie’s ad where he all but asserted that Obama was endorsing him, I’m not so sure he wouldn’t claim that they do in fact prefer him to Biden.

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Yeah, we get it, they weren’t a big voting block. But to deny that there are Sanders supporters, including people inside his campaign, who irrationally and vehemently attack anyone who doesn’t worship Bernie is blind.

The BernieBros are coming from inside the house.


Your rhetoric has been over the top and spiteful. And it’s been directed at people who, at this point, support Sanders for the Dem nomination. You’re sabotaging the Sanders campaign by fighting with the people he needs to come from behind in this primary campaign.


I also think he’s drop some version of “they are afraid of my ideas and progressiveness”

I just look at my workplace. People who others tend to shun or not support generally it’s because they are pains in the asses to work with and are difficult. Just applying some common sense seductive reasoning makes me think perhaps Bernie needs to work on being less abrasive.