No such thing as Bernie Bros: Bernie's approval rates are women 50%, blacks 70%, latinx 55%; men 46%, whites 43%

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oh, the stereotypical white male “intellectual” Bernie Bros do exist. they just aren’t the majority. they sure as hell sound like it, though.


Bernie Bros aren’t the support base, but they do exist, popping up here from time to time. Their numbers are so small and positions so silly that they’re not worth taking seriously despite being loudmouths.

While this poll is nice I doubt that Sanders is going to run in 2020. I’d take it as more of an endorsement across a diverse range of liberals and progressives of his Our Revolution organisation and the candidates it will support in 2018 and 2020:


I never thought the term “Bernie Bros,” was exclusively white or male.


No one is claiming his supporters were/are all male. “Berniebro” was a reference to a particular kind of Bernie supporter whose support for him and criticism of Clinton was laced with sexism and hypermasculinity.


I always thought the defining characteristic of the Bernie Bro was a tendency toward misogyny (that’s why they’re called “bros”), not being “oblivious to the more moderate preferences of others.” That’s the first I’ve heard of that.

I really don’t see how the his approval ratings demonstrate whether or not Bernie’s male supporters have either characteristic.


That’s exactly it. It was less a reference to a specific person, and more a reference to “bro” behavior. Like tech bros: male-centric, girls-can’t-do-things-as-well-as-boys, boorish, aggressive, devil-may care, I’m-smarter-than-you. Like Trump, but progressive. Militantly progressive? That sounds dumb. Bernie Bro is easier to say and conveys the same meaning.


No such thing as Bernie Bros

Do you mean:


Of course, every other politician who has supporters whose criticism of anyone is laced with sexism and hyper-masculinity gets a pass?

All I see here is a convenient attribution error of the sort too expensive for partisans to let go of despite evidence that they’ve been conned into holding one party responsible for common behavior.

Like none of anyone elses supprters were hyper[x]ist or X-inine? Only Bernie has to answer for that, because myopia.


The stereotype (spread mainly by the DNC establishment/Clinton campaign during the primaries – another brilliant move on their part) was that Sanders’ base was a bunch of privileged college-age white tech-savvy males whose opposition to Clinton was tinged with nasty misogyny. They did exist but not in anywhere near the numbers suggested by the Dem establishment. The subset of Bernie Bros who claimed they would vote for Il Douche in the general election to teach everyone a lesson was even tinier.

It was definitely a thing. I was a Sanders supporter, but any time I’d make the slightest critique of his campaign here during the primaries (e.g. his incompetent campaign manager or snubbing union workers in Las Vegas) a Bernie Bro would attack me on the basis of being too moderate.


Bernie doesn’t have to answer for them. Our culture is sexist and it’s pretty much everywhere. And it was certain to be a factor in an election with a woman. Which is sort of the point.


And every politician has em. But you single Bernie out to be responsible for his?

Fun game, where I go to learn that?


Oh, do you just need to say he is? Okay. Carry on .

Cory posting this is funny. It’s a bit paradoxical. Can you claim that you don’t exist?


Everyone can spot the most reponsible person,

They’re the one held responsible for what everyone does.

I don’t know if you mean “No such thing as Bernie Bros” is a strawman, meaning that there are obviously Bernie fans who fit the profile so arguing that they don’t exist is insane, or that “Bernie Bro” is a strawman version of a Bernie supporter that was unfairly and unreasonably used by Clinton supporters to shit on his entire base and cast Democratic non-support of Clinton as misogyny.

Either way, correct.


I choose all my candidates based on my opinion of other people who like them.

I’d hate to be unpopular.

One time this one guy was so rude to me in a Hillary shirt that I decided Hillary was the devil.

I’d cut off my own nose to spite a bernie bro!!! I’ve heard the worst things about them! They’re just like me, but want someone else to win! Shame shame on them! And shame on them for shaming! Right?


Seriously. My Facebook feed is blowing up with the bros complaining about how lame and ineffectual the Women’s Marches are. I thought maybe they were being sarcastic, but no.


Now that we have ANES data for 2016, we can do really good research on the effect sexism and racism had on the primaries and general. And all the research is showing that those were both huge factors.