On sex, robots, work, and power dynamics

Right? Seems like if they had working female robots, the incel crowd would be caravanning to the factory, and we probably wouldn’t hear much more from them,.


As with MRAs and PUAs, the problem with incels isn’t really about too little sex but rather about too much of a sense of entitlement to women’s bodies and emotional and physical labour. A sex robot won’t give an incel what he really needs.


Or, “A lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying”.

Or, What’s getting them off isn’t the body parts, it’s the knowledge that they’re exerting their power over another human being.

Or, the cruelty is the point. And there’s no point being cruel to a robot.
Until they invent a robot with feelings. And then they will be cruel to that. Oh wait, that’s already happening.


It’s not just entitlement though. What I realized in one of my abusive relationships was that my ex was like going to a support group for how to abuse women. He literally hunted me and destroyed my life and dignity, like, as a game… and he was comparing notes with other people to like get ideas for what to try next.

he was just an addict and a sadist who got off on manipulation and hurting people who weren’t into it.

No deeper than that.

but he had an entire active culture of support behind that abuse and there was literally nothing and no one there to support me in that time.


“…they already got, um, full, man made working female robots.”

Who does? Where? To do what? Asking for a friend.


Digitile us? Digitalis?

Digitalis = Foxglove = Fox Love! It all makes sense!


They’ve already got full man-made working female robots


Careful, it might be from TOA Heavy Industries…

Edit: the picture is of a synthetic human from the Blame! manga/anime, and my comment was a reference to Sanaka, a level six Safeguard (and synthetic human) who, in the anime, poses as a dead electrofisher in order to infiltrate their safe zone, and terminate all the electrofishers, who are considered “illegal residents” of the City by the Authority. There is no sexualization per se of Sanaka in the anime, though my comment was that a sexbot could be used as a Trojan horse.


“They” do. They isn’t us and that should piss you off.

They’ve already got full man-made working female robots.

Maybe she’s been reading BoingBoing:

Staffed entirely by artificial intelligence, Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza is the World’s first robot hotel. If this trend continues, workers in customer service are bound to feel the pinch of automation.


My heartfelt sympathy for you, and my sincere hope that you are in a better situation now.


Another lifetime now. I carry some burdens I might not have otherwise, but it’s decent life.


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