On sobriety, drugs, and behavior

where do these people come from? is this their first time flying? i would like to think she was just drunk instead of incredibly self-centered and stupid.


You know, if we’re not allowed to speculate upon people’s mental health based on their asshole behavior, because that would imply that mental illness caused them to be assholes; perhaps the same rule should apply to drunks. I would argue that alcohol doesn’t make people violent; violent people are less able to control themselves when they are drunk. Not for nothing do they say in vino veritas.


The phrase in vino veritas literally means ‘truth in wine’: one’s true nature is revealed when one drinks enough to lose self-control. It’s who you are when you’re not trying to pretend you’re a decent human being.


It must be a terrible burden; not being supported In stigmatizing people with mental illness.

Are you going to be okay?


Last I checked, people make an active choice to take their first drink, and it takes a while for the habit to become a physical addiction.

Meanwhile, people with mental health issues don’t choose to have them.


Thus the origin of the phrase “brutally honest”.

Let me chime in from another angle, as someone who does use alcohol (bourbon, preferably) to calm their nerves when flying commercially.

Think of the children, is what I would say. Seriously. You got a kid on a plane with me, you do not want that kid to be glancing across the seat backs during turbulence and catch the look in my eyes if the panic response hasn’t been adequately dulled. Not if you want that kid smiling and laughing the next time the family heads to an airport, anyway.

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This is it! alcohol takes away self-control and the limits on risk-avoiding behaviour. It also dulls the mind in understanding their own actions and emotions.

This is why you should never drink when depressed and alone but it helps when you want to chat and connect with people.

But it also means if a person is the kind of !@^&($# who only limits their destructive and aggressive nature because of the repercussions, if they care for the punishment but not for the effects on others, then drinking too much makes the ##$%^&*& come out.

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This is a fact across all cultures, people and situations that involve two or more folk?

Problem solved

MOST people who drink don’t turn into murders.


A person is responsible for his or her own actions, period. Drugs and alcohol and moment-to-moment mental state contribute to actions, but the buck has to stop somewhere and that somewhere has to be the actor.

If you want to talk about society’s unfortunate tendency to excuse the actor and blame alcohol or drugs or the devil, then that is a topic that is worth discussing, but that tendency is a clear flaw in society that ought to be addressed. That is not us. It is not for us to take into account whether somebody was drunk or on drugs or having some kind of mental breakdown. We judge people by their actions here.

And if somebody has a problem with drugs or alcohol or mental illness, we separate that part from their actions, because it can be simultaneously true that a person did a bad thing, that the person is an asshole and that the person needs help.

I want to point out also that we are not passing judgment on anyone in any meaningful way. Nothing that we say here will have any effect on anyone who was involved in any of these countless incidents that make the news. If we were the judge or jury or whatever here, then, yes, it would behoove us to consider all of the factors that led to the action so that we could make the best decision for action to rectify the situation and prevent a recurrence. However, we are not the judge and jury and so are not bound by any such responsibility.

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