On space-borne espresso pods


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Coffee Pods or Nescafe?

I am pretty sure this must be comment-bait.


What? You don’t see a problem with loose coffee grounds screwing up every single other thing on the space station?

Wait, I missed the part where they say that “all coffee is good except for coffee pods.” Because Folger’s Crystals. Bait.


Geez… a bit harsh for an engineering project.

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The best coffee is the coffee that’s in my cup when I’m having breakfast.


Yeah, it’s kinda hard to do a bespoke cold drip through authentic Cherokee hair mesh filters in freaking SPACE.


I don’t know - water on one side - coffee in the middle - collection pot hooked up to space.

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Says the guy who drinks fancy artisanal salted coffee :slight_smile:

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I have a Nespresso espresso machine, and I think it’s pretty rad. I also think the espresso I get out of it is better than the vast majority of espresso I’ve ever had at hip coffee places, generic coffee places, etc. Sure, those little pods are wasteful, but I don’t go through a terribly large volume of them (I’m not a fiend).

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Hey, it’s an old diner trick to keep the coffee from tasting bitter.

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I would love to see some sourcing on this “actual garbage” claim. I suppose the better alternative would be to train a Melbourne barista to serve artisinal single origin coffee in space?


Yes! Was invented in the 1830s, 130 years early just so we could have time to perfect the technology.

Works great to sweeten up green tea as well - just a few grains in a cup of green tea takes away a lot of bitterness.

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