A proper espresso coming soon to the International Space Station




I knew that photo was from Lavazza, they just can’t stop putting subliminal vaginas in their adverts.


If all I get after following the link is the same photo and the same paragraph, with no link to anything more substantive, it’s not a STORY, it’s just fluff. Thought better of you.


It’s cool but it just reminds me of a colostomy bag.


Yeah me too. That’s just about disgusting.


Here is Lavazza’s press release and, if you’ll pardon the bit of self-promotion, our article about the ISSpresso.


Same espresso - different subtext of post





whoa, 44 lbs! That’s one heavy coffee maker, especially for space.


Generating sufficient pressure and maintaining perfect high-temperature seals in a low gravity environment takes a lot of quality hydraulic equipment.


Maybe send Starbucks to ISS/space? :stuck_out_tongue:

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