On the banning and burning of books


About time someone sued
Reuters.com: Texas county facing federal lawsuit over banned books.
Texas county facing federal lawsuit over banned books | Reuters


In case anyone wondered where this all was heading:


“I don’t have a clue…”
ya got that right there, Wilbur.


Some Pig.

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Not to mention the digital divide - tens of millions of Americans still don’t have access to reliable internet. And on top of that, so many Americans access the internet primarily or only on their phones. Not exactly a great format for reading novels.


People really need to start pushing back against this shit.


Fucking nazi scum.


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They would love this shit. Ignorance is their life blood. Us eggheads are the Enemy of the People (R)


Same mentality:


An Oakley woman wants to ban a children’s book from the public library because it contains drawings of a naked boy who gets dressed in his mother’s clothes.

The Oakley Public Library Board of Trustees could decide later this month whether to get rid of “Fred Gets Dressed,” by New York Times bestselling author Peter Brown, after the woman filed a formal complaint regarding the book’s content.

Brown, responding to questions for this story, questioned the woman’s sense of humor, called her un-American and rejected her concern that his book contains LGBTQ content.

“This crap really fires me up,” Brown said.

The book, which is intended for children ages 3 to 6 years old, is about a boy who loves to “romp through the house naked and wild and free.” The boy wanders into his mother’s closet and tries on her blouse, scarf, shoes, jewelry and makeup. When he is discovered by his parents, “the whole family” — including the father and dog — “joins the fun.”

The book ends with an image of a bare-bottomed Fred running through the house in his mom’s attire.


Fuck. The lending apps are a lifeline for so many people

Bruhn said it would be incorrect to see the removal as part of a censorship campaign.

“We’re not banning books in Brevard County,” he said. “We want to have a consistent review of educational materials.”

The guy just literally took away hundreds or thousands of books from students. If that isn’t banning the books, what is it?! The time frame is irrelevant


A consistent review of materials, so we can censor what people get to read. But we aren’t censoring anything. Just the stuff we don’t like that we think people shouldn’t get to read.

this is why I keep harping on about progressive and leftist people running for school and library boards. Schools are pulling this shit because they know the board will support them instead of telling them “this is crazy, illegal, and we will not do it!” Many school board elections across the country have candidates running unopposed. A tiny bit of marketing and handshaking will get enough name recognition to win those elections. If the religious whack jobs are really a minority then getting good people into those spots can make a serious difference in local education. Community norms should not be allowed to be hijacked by a few very loud assholes.


That sounds good in theory, but the MAGAts have made harassing, threatening and basically making life impossible for, progressive (or even just non-MAGA) school board members into an art form. Electing them is fairly easy, but then they are driven away because, let’s face it, there is not enough positive reinforcement coming from a school board position to put yourself and your family at risk. Until something is done about that, it’s just another place where being the biggest asshole rules.


I know a retired guy who is going to run, knowing full well the harassment he may get. His partner is on board and none of their kids live in their town anymore. I admire the choice, but it’s definitely not an easy one