On the cruelty of ankle-monitors


that isn’t permitted. when you sign up with the system to pay just under a dollar a minute to talk with a loved one in a state prison, the phone number you list as the number receiving calls from the prison has to be certified by the state agency as being a landline. i don’t know why but that’s the deal.


This is your government @ work. Be very careful how much power you give to government: you too could find yourself wearing an ankle bracelet.



“Sex offender” is a rather vague term.


In some places a conviction for public urination can land you on a sex offender list.


I was going to say “all good points and yet I was fine with Manafort having one.”


Is it a problem with ankle monitors or a problem with America using ankle monitors? Frankly, I think its the latter. There is nothing stopping this tech using the same infrastructure as a mobile phone. The cost of maintaining an ankle monitor is going to be a lot less than incarceration so the government can absorb the cost without issue.
For non-violent crimes it seems a better idea to keep people out of the system where their chances of rehabilitation are increased.


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