On the haute couture runway: Ankle smartphone holsters

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Likely necessary since women’s clothes typically don’t have pockets

stares at fashion designers


I assume this is for your second, secret phone in case you have to surrender your first one, or for texting your illicit lover…

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Does it fit over a court-ordered monitor?


Well, I think it is a rather interesting fashion… calling into mind other GPS enabled tracking and communication devices worn about the ankle, pointing out the gilded cage of fashion… :slight_smile:

Free yourselves, Women! Buy cargo shorts and actually use the pockets!

(Note: Sarcasm and humor implied. Although I do think that the comparison between the cell phone and GPS tracker is interesting…)

Sure. Why not.

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A holdout holster is quite simply de rigeur for all members of the deep state.


Wow; that’s completely impractical and not at all aesthetically pleasing…


… why?

It’s just sticking out there, waiting to get smacked into something.

Would you use it for taking videos as you walk along?

Are you talking about the holster, or the whole show? Half of them looked like they were wrapped in carpets.

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Why imagine the future of technology and fashion when you can do something stupidly likely to get 30 seconds of fame?

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haute cou·ture
ˌōt ko͞oˈto͝or
Clothing designed with willful ignorance of the principle, “form follows function.”

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Here’s an example of what’s being sold as “cargo” shorts for women by a retailer that claims to sell outdoor gear:
The model’s hands aren’t in any of the pockets because they won’t fit.


On the upside, inserting the same mechanism that winds self-winding watches and a teeny generator or piezoelectric converter might keep the thing charged from walking and running.

On the downside, the first table leg you clip is probably the end of your phone.

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I like your comment, but honestly, I think it is precisely six words too long.


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First thing I thought of is court ordered ankle bracelet. And yes as weird as it seems they are intended to swing out like that. I just hope they have a fold in option.

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