On the psychological value of "griefbots"

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Hmm… first thing that comes to mind is Black Mirror S02E01.


Welp, let’s just get this out of the way.



This reminds me of “Marjorie Prime.”

(Note that I haven’t seen the film, but I did see the play on which it is based. The play was excellent.)

Heh, basically straight out of this book. He should have filed a patent.

Somewhat related is the 2011 Greek film Alps (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1859446/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) by the director of The Lobster and Dogtooth.

In this film, a small group of people form a service to act as stand-ins for lost loved ones.

My first thought was that it seemed a bit morbid, but my second thought was that I’ve done similar.

When a well-liked commenter died on a blog that I’m on, I packaged all his comments over the years into self-contained memorial wiki. Some people seemed to find it helpful. (I never did finish the Magic 8-ball random comment button.)

CaptainHowdy a non-linear Underground Bunker memorial (15M download!)


Friends of mine lost their little girl last year. The father of the girl, his grief has gone in such a terrible direction. He thinks if he follows the bible exactly right he can go to heaven and see his little girl again. This was around the time that Australia passed same sex marriage, he tiraded against it one facebook and has severed friendships because of this. If there was something that could help him with his grief it would help so much.


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