'One Ad to Rule Them All," advertising reimagined in J.R.R Tolkien's voice


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“We wants it! We needs it!” could be used to market any manner of products.

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That is brilliant.

It was worth scrolling to the last one.

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The ad format is soooooo repetitive. You’d think different companies might vary their fonts or use different layouts…

And that’s not even mentioning the misquotings and misattributions…

Isn’t having a passion for advertising being added in the DSM-V?



Somehow advertising and Tolkien don’t go together. I don’t know, maybe its the clear hatred in Tolkien’s work for all things industrial that pollute the land and destroy the beauty and wonder of nature, crushing the spirits of solid, simple folk. Or maybe its the hatred of dissembling and lies that are at the core of advertising itself. Advertising seems fairer and feels fouler. Which strongly suggests advertising is the work of the enemy, the work of the dark lord himself.

Its clear what she has to do. She must set fire to her building and throw herself into the flames to save the Middle Earth she loves so much from… herself.

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First genuine laugh out-loud of the day.

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