One dance routine, 100 different locations

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The way you’ve written this makes it sound like you don’t realize he got his start 10 years ago with videos of him doing the same dance all over the globe. My personal favorite is the one from 2006.

Where The Hell Is Matt videos

Edited to add: I’m an idiot! Ignore the above, except it’s definitely worth watching Matt HARDING’s videos.

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I personally prefer Luke Burrage’s international Juggler gig.

No music -

Shorter, With music -

Even shorter, with different music -

As a fun side note, he’s also one of the world’s best combat players(It’s a juggling game), and held(holds?) not one but two world records for juggling haggis.

Methinks this is a different dancing Matt, based on appearance alone and not doing any sleuthing.

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That is unbelievably horrific. Is it some kind of neuro-programming device? I feel dumber after watching ten seconds of it.

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Correct. Where The Hell Is Matt is Matt Harding, this is Matt Bray.

Edit: This Matt is a much better dancer, but being a poor dancer was kind of Harding’s schtick.


That’s definitely NOT the original Matt, which in my opinion is way better than this knock off. Actually, the guy at 1:21 to the left of the screen looks a lot like the real Matt though.

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That video from that Matt is one that is always guaranteed to cheer me up. I love it.

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OMG, you are so right!

I saw “Matt”, “same dance routine”, and “dance video that spans across 100 different locations” and ASSumed. You know what that makes me!

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He thanked two people for helping him with “the Chicago shots”, but other than some closeups that could have been in any home/building/etc., I didn’t see any other cities represented. Anyone know which other cities he went to?

That big reflective globe thing is in Paris.

So I guess he gets points for not going for the clichéd Eiffel Tower backdrop, but this video is still pretty dull.

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