One-dimensional Pac Man

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… except for wrapping at the edge of the screen :ghost:


It is sort of like a single level version of City Connection. (obviously missing the jumping aspect, but the game is really just left / right, jump).

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finally a use for the mac touch bar!


I will tell my children this is where Pac Man began and it wasn’t until much later we thought to add a second dimension.


Makes me think of this game Twang from a couple years ago:


A clever idea,


perfectly implemented

You & I have different ideas of what “perfect” means.

THAT is a hydrogen car to look forwards to. (With fabulous hair and thrown Coke inflatables that dematerialize very dematerialization-prone cop cruisers. Because donut pop-up stores, if I’m not mistaken according to California law. All very legit balloon alien capture fun until switching directions midair.)

zachstronaut> I will tell my children (…)

I mean, SoftBank as a stock picker (n.) age has kind of past, but Masayoshi Son made an 8bit game (PacMan 256, recapitulated by Big Whale Games) with tornadoes, twin tornadoes, fire, cloaking, traps, ice shattering challenges, freeze power-ups, warps, radar that is a dangerously OP probe beam in ghost hazard rotation, sonar that is kind of stunning emanations, cherry transformation of the undead, healthy fruit something multiplier bonuses, and dots that did not tax Yayoi Kusama. Represent store and forward.

Which is to say g’wan, add 4D mazes that aren’t already in Championship Edition, lines for the teatime of nihility that is Pac setpieces, etc and launch the github.

Also, a recurring character in a story about dealing with heavy robot trash. (Chobits, 3 seasons or so?)

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