One espresso tamper to rule them all


Dishwashers are where beautiful things go to die. I love my dishwasher (Miele, and soooooo quiet), but if its a) beautiful, b) made outta wood or c) only kinda sorta gets “dirty” (in the sense that a tamper only ever touches coffee grounds, it’s not like I need it for surgical procedures), then I hand wash as needed.

And you just said in the opening post that you skipped the wood one because it wasn’t dishwasher safe.

But I will concede that it’s just a tamper; as long as it gets the job done, who cares?

Also, I might be slightly jealous that my machine has a tamper that clips to the chassis with a magnet. I think I want a flashy tamper, but I don’t want to make the current one obsolete. First world problems, amiright?

ETA: and KNIVES! Never put knives in the dishwasher!


There are a few manual espresso machines around, but this one looks interesting (if unwieldy), with a real grouphead. There is always a bit of a problem getting the temperature right on this kind of machine. I have a Presso, it isn’t very good but looks great. I think Cafelat’s new Coffee Robot might be better:

(ETA: I think my post above is unclear. I mean that the manual espresso device that @buddybradley linked to looks interesting, and that the pictured Robot might be better than my not-very-useful Presso.)


“Is that all it does?”

And apparently, he’s doing it wrong… so very wrong the the clip won’t Onebox…


Yeah that looks interesting too, but a little less portable than the Espresso Forge.

It seems to me that portability would be the main feature of a manual espresso maker (so you could take it into work and show it off, take it camping, etc.) and so you’d want it to be as light as possible, and this one looks a bit heavier and bulkier.

I imagine it probably wouldn’t be your main coffee maker at home though.


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