One-fifth of Americans believe every school shooting is a fake event filled with “crisis actors”

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I wonder how many members of Congress actually believe it.


Remember, every accusation is an admission of guilt on their part.


Fucking arseholes.


Everyone is skeptical until it affects them. Not only for gun violence, but the same goes for COVID, or any other politicized topic.

So, I guess we have to wait for one of these incidents to affect a major player in these conspiracies for them to realize they should stop spreading their BS. Although, now that I think of it, the rest of the conspiracy gang will just say they’ve been bought, so there’s (sadly) no way around this :confused:


I think we might need to pull these 20 percenters aside and have a chat with them.


I mean, 20% is under the Craziness Factor, so it’s not that surprising. Well, it’s actually surprising that it’s that low, since the Craziness Factor is 20-30%.


What I find endlessly puzzling about the ‘crisis actors’ thing is that it posits an enemy that must be quite malicious and capable of great operational sophistication; but which is bafflingly squeamish(this makes it doubly odd when it shows up, as it not infrequently does, alongside satanic ritual abuse and sinister Agenda 21 population culling and such).

You’re really telling me that the globalist elite anti-america operatives wave their goblet of adrenochrome and fetus tears and say “Get me enough crisis actors to staff a small town and enough media disinfo techs to black out the truth against anyone who might meddle!” rather than “I require one 5g-puppet and a gun.” because running a conspiracy that extends to any problem you want to blame it on is one thing; but a couple dozen civilian casualties is just a bridge too far?


people in the past dress funny


What they don’t want to acknowledge is that someone might be taking guns and shooting kids, period, even if they’re part of a conspiracy. Because if one acknowledges that someone in a conspiracy could do that, then obviously someone not in a conspiracy could do that, too. I mean, Republicans are quick to blame “mental health issues” for shootings, but that’s just an admission that literally anyone can buy a gun, including those who shouldn’t have one. So even the conspiracy theorists have to admit that much. Yet somehow they still think it’s more likely that a nefarious force is faking mass shootings that involve dozens and dozens of people, whole police forces, etc.? Obviously gun ownership plays a key role in their worldview/politics, and if they start admitting that private gun ownership leads to that, then it’s a blow to the heart of what they believe. That maybe the shadowy conspiracy that seeks to control everything isn’t actually as big or direct a danger to them and their family as all their angry, drunken neighbors with guns…


Well, we know for sure that one of them at least has directly harassed a survivor with these very accusations. I’m guessing she is not alone


That is possibly or definitely true.
The expanded quote per politifact and washpo was:

22% of Americans believed it was “possibly or definitely true” that the Sandy Hook massacre was “faked, in order to increase support for gun control.”


Honestly, words fail me.


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I hope that at least some of that percentage is just Americans who want to piss the pollster off…


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I thought that the headline was referring to MTG, and was being unkind to dogs.


Here’s a useful phrase…


Look at the big picture and see how the folks are irretrievably lost.

Not only are they ignorant, but stupid.

They have no capacity for learning or for making logical conclusions based on evidence, nor do they have empathy for others.

Let’s assume they are 100% correct: every mass shooting is faked to advance gun control. This means in the years since Sandy Hook, the evil organization behind it has been able to pull off over 3,000+ mass shootings (false flag events) by successfully getting hundreds of thousands of crisis actors, police and members of the media to stage a shooting without a single person blowing the whistle: no emails, instructions, records of payments, etc, because they are THAT good.

And yet they have not been able to take away everyone’s firearms.


Sad Kristen Bell GIF

Well no. Because I have videos of families who lost their children. I was not skeptical of covid that killed a million people. Plenty of people have the ability to understand that other human beings are real people with real lives. These assholes are not apparently capable of that. It’s not a problem for MOST people, it’s a problem for THESE people.

The truth is that conspiracy theorist thinking is more comforting to some than the alternative - that life and history is complex and messy, that there are not singular causes and answers to our problems, that we actually have to work together to improve our lives in the modern world. That takes some level of responsibility and self-awareness. These are literally people who do not want to take responsibility for what’s happening in our country, so they want to pin it on some easier to grasp conspiracy, because they then bear no responsibility to improve things. And it’s just more comforting to believe that it’s a conspiracy rather than the cold hard truth that people are regularly being gunned down in this country.


Totally agree, and what I meant is “every conspiracy theory believer is skeptical until it affects them”