One lucky motorcylist

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He may have regained his feet quickly, but he’s definitely sliding along the blacktop at one point. I’m not sure this counts as “lucky” compared with, say, nobody running a red light and causing a crash.


He landed on his side as the bike slid out from under him…he did the correct move of getting away from the bike & accident. He also was wearing some protective gear (boots, gloves, helmet). The jeans are not enough if he slid for longer than 4 seconds…after that, you start leaving flesh on the pavement. Better to get leather riding pants or leather chaps.

He did a great job and I hope no one was seriously injured in the crash! -(



anytime you are walking away from a motorcycling accident is lucky. death is a “when” not “if” - not because of yourself, but because of car drivers.


Ah, I see. Yes, that makes sense. This motorcyclist was indeed lucky. Though, I maintain, not as lucky as he was on all the previous days when he had walked away from an undamaged motorcycle after a crash-free ride. This was, possibly*, his least lucky ride.

*I guess I mean “hopefully”.

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Seems like a dupe. Didn’t BoingBoing cover this a few weeks ago?


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I’m with him! Bleep! Bleeeep!!!


Yes. It was posted here about a day after it happened.


When I took Young Drivers (lo those many years ago) they taught us to do a Left-Center-Right scan before entering an intersection. Mostly for things like this. You’ll encounter threats coming at you in that order; cars on the perpendicular road that don’t stop, cars turning left in front of you and finally cars coming the other direction perpendicular to you (this is for driving on the right side of the road).

Is this something that is taught generally?

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You can see the SUV in the left most lane suddenly stop, but lanes 2 and 3 probably couldn’t see through/around the stupid large SUV with black tint on the windows. I hate that situation, and keep a close eye on the big dumb vehicle next to me. If it ever stops like the one in the video, there is a big problem. Alternatively, if it doesn’t stop, at least the big dumb vehicle will take some of the blow.


Here’s the discussion from when this was posted a month ago: Motorcyclist lucky

There was some confusion in that thread about which way the motorcyclist was facing after the slide, and which lights were red/green, so here’s my comment from that thread clearing it up.


We did this one last month, I my honor, it is the truth.


Points off for not sticking the landing at the end…


He doesn’t seem “lucky” after crashing a second time at the same intersection in the past month :frowning_face:


The car hit about, what, four seconds after the light turned green for the rider’s direction. Plus the time that it must have been red for light runner. I always look for late light runners, but that was one late late runner not looking at all.

I bet it was a cell phone.



We’re getting near the end of the month. Had to meet the crash porn quota. /s


I don’t consider getting slammed off a motorcycle being lucky.

Given the accident, the biker’s lucky that he got away without serious harm. It’s not a difficult concept.

Or kevlar-reinforced biker jeans!