One man's passion for food-processing videos

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Haha that’s so ridiculous.

… ahem…


If you like watching various foods moving through a factory, take it one step closer to the field and watch one of my favorite YouTube channels:

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Did no one else grow up looking forward to staying home sick if only to binge on the never ending stream of “How its made”


See also:


Up here in the great white north is “Hows it made” and has been for 26 seasons! :wink:

But why restrict yourself to a single documentary television series about industry, when there’s another six you could be watching in addition?

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Those machines remind me of carnival rides.

JST Science Channel in Japan has been producing “The Making” since 1998. Can’t watch enough of these!

Note: no subtitles or translations, but there are some pretty catchy tunes in the soundtrack.

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