One million Covid deaths in US

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We are going to be reaping the consequences of COVID and how we handled the last two years for at least a generation. It will be a bitter harvest



Experts point to several reasons why certain states suffered disproportionately, including unequal access to healthcare.

The number one co-segregating factor in covid cases and deaths at the states level is their tendency to vote republican; here’s just one link with statistics to support this. It remains supposition, but it’s pretty easy to figure out the warped fox"news" mindset which lead to this. -sigh-

12 Likes figures for the US show a total Covid death toll of 1,025,764 and a death toll for the past week averaging 254/day. So much for claims of some folks that it’s ‘over’.


We’re approaching the total number of US dead in WWII and yet we treat it as though it’s a meme trending out of social media. We’re losing this one if people don’t get real and stop carping about freedoms. + make vax freely available to the world or we keep creating incubator regions and murdering people.


As expected, Trump’s Cult members are now claiming that ALL of those deaths are 100% JOE BIDEN’S FAULT!!!


If only we had a vaccine.


We all watched it happen in real time. And even after GOP led states saw the direct result of their intransigent, anti-science policies kill more of their people, they doubled down. That red mass of hot zones on the NYT map just bounced back and forth between the major international cities where early infections occurred, into rural areas where it was intentionally incubated and right back into those urban areas again. Over and over and over…

Also, despite the higher overall numbers coming out of red states, we seem to have collectively forgotten that the first surge of March-June 2020 was almost entirely centered in NYC and Seattle (and to a lesser extent Detroit and New Orleans). Those cities experienced a horror unlike anywhere else at any time during this pandemic. I’m going to make sure that at least my children remember that fact.


And it’s likely higher as we likely have an undercount…

Doctor Who Reaction GIF

It really did not have to be this way.


I feel super uncomfortable giving this post a heart, but it’s 2022, and here we are.


And at the same time, the same people blaming biden also say the numbers are Faked, that the dead were going to die anyway, that the disease was not real, that only old people caught it, that biden forced them to wear masks that don’t work for the fake virus, that biden forced them to get a fake vaccine for a fake disease, that the vaccine caused almost everyone who got it to have a heart attack, that all women will become infertile from the vaccine that doesn’t prevent covid anyway (wait, I thought it was fake…)…

Of course the know nothings learned nothing.

But as a whole, our country learned nothing.

Our health care system failed miserably, and learned nothing.

It makes me cry.


My only correction would be: our for-profit healthcare system failed miserably. The actual medical professionals who literally put their lives on the line to address COVID performed admirably within the broken for-profit system.

But with a Dr in the family who worked the ER and ICU since the start of the pandemic, I might be biased.


Daily case numbers in my DC metro county are literally going almost straight up. By the end of the month, we should be running the second-worst numbers of the entire pandemic, after Dec/Jan’s spike. I really wish the latest booster was available to under-50s.





While simultaneously denying there was ever a disease

What’s “interesting” is the Trump/GQP/Anti-Vax cultists will be simultaneously claiming that:

"It was all Biden's fault!" for all the Covid-19 deaths.


"Covid-19 is all a hoax! There are no virus deaths!"

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