One-minute anthem for the Trump presidency: "Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)"


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“Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)” is nice and bouncy!

More cynical:
(by Stephen Paul Taylor, a Canadian living in Germany)


Are Jews people? Find out after the break on CNN

An unrelenting pile of shit

Yes, that is tRump, for sure.




That’s good advice.


I like it. The original link is borked (got changed to C&W), but the MP3 still works.


Is Frankie Boyle better now than from when he was on Mock the Week?

I remember having to change channel back then because of his repeated transphobia.


Josh is a national treasure.


Sometimes the only thing you can do is sit right back and laugh out loud!


Well what this is I just don’t even, but it seems like it fits here…


That’s a fair question and i used to feel the same way so i don’t know much about his stand-up but he does appear to have developed something of a social conscience after being heavily criticised for his targets in the early material. He certainly seems to have mellowed and i like this version of him, he wouldn’t be the first or last comedian to go through this.

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