One mysterious hooded figure is responsible for virtually every online security breach


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Now it’s just a matter of time before some Nimrod in DC tries to ban black hoodies.


I have a feeling that when caught this hooded menace will undoubtedly be tied to multiple robberies and murders…


And spends their free time hanging around at the back of Drum & Bass gigs.


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All copying this guy:


Is it you Cory?


We were warned not to look at, or think about, the new dog park.


Trump, looking at news articles, figures out the whole “cyber” business: “Obviously law enforcement needs to look out for this ghost hoodie guy, he’s behind it all. Why can’t they catch him? Should be easy, he’s got no face. Sad.”


I am guilty! I have used this image in a booklet, a presentation and a web site (tho, granted, they were all for the same thing, but still.). I am here to tell you that good graphics for cyber defense or cybersecurity are hard to come by. Someone could make a MINT by creating more and better images.


I was so bummed when he didn’t look like that…at all.


What makes them believe it’s an “individual”?


I thought they were legion?


ALL that is evil and destructive has been gathered into a certain someone in the WH. Otherwise, I’d entertain what you’ve proposed.


Good thing that I’m a grey-hoodie hacker!


If they only taped over their camera on their device, they wouldn’t have to wear hoodies!


I knew a guy at a former job, who - when faced with some technical hurdle - would mumble “Gonna take up where Ted left off”

I was the only one to raise an eyebrow at the comment, I was not sad to see him leave…



Looks like he has turned over a leaf and is training ethical hackers now…


So no antipresident, but we can bury the bun with all the bad luck in the world baked in it. Unless Moroboshi eats it. Quick, Pence is yammering as if he isn’t speaking in surds (We will have Justice or not!) The call of the Old Ones grows!
Images from @Bootleg_Stuff look good. Check out those Avengers^WAvrges2e shoes. Maybe they could do images of patent search for US8925077 : Mobile devices with inhibited application debugging, and their M.O.? What were those astroturfed social media pix from? Surely there are pix of those agencies?
Chinese army divisions, DPRK, Iranian (Abelson’s Sands Casino) state actors, and police…should be in the pix; maybe a few Estonian and other randos off the Corruption wires. Maybe pick a color of snuggie we wouldn’t, plus random state forces regalia? Face masks because air quality issues, maybe. Could you nonetheless make out disappointed duckface through the fabric?

Also imagewise but for whitehat protectorship, the P0wnies acquired back! (3D printed Mudge, k8em0 etc.)