One of my best purchases in 2015: magnetic tool holder

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You and me both! I think we got the same mag strip. Really strong.

I bought a really short one and put it in my kitchen. I attached all my measuring spoons to it. Works fantastic. No more digging through my drawer looking for just the right one. I love it.

Oh good, more merchandise.


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I have a similar on on my kitchen wall to hold my knives. Keeps them within quick reach, but out of the way.

i build my own out of old harddrive magnets


I bought the same strip last August. It is ridiculously strong; getting wider knives off it is not easy. I sympathize with Boundegar’s reaction, but this is a genuinely useful, solidly made, relatively inexpensive tool.

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I bought a similar one and liked it so much I got some more. They make organising tools so much easier.

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