Strong wall-mounted magnetic tool holder

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In the UK Lidl sell these from time to time for about £6.

Also great for knives, and kitchen gadgets.

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Strip of duct tape + several hard drive magnets = a decent DIY version.

Been hanging 7 or 8 tools on my workshop wall this way for several months now with no failure.

I was having a problem with keeping track of all my old data, so I got one of these things to hang all my old hard drives on. Problem solved!


What happened to your pegboard with all the outlines of every tool.

Won’t that also magnetise all of your tolls?

[quote=“incarnedine_v, post:7, topic:60890, full:true”]
Won’t that also magnetise all of your tolls?
[/quote]Yes it will.
And having magnetic tools (with the exception of some screwdrivers) is not a good idea when you work with metal.

I use an Ikea magnetic knife rack for a few tools.

You can get three like this at harbor freight for that price. Not quite as sexy but you cover them with tools or kitchen knives anyway. Not sure why magnetic screwdrivers are bad for working with metal, but I wouldn’t pry up ROM chips with one.

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