One of my favorite sayings, retold as a single-page website


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Hell, give me good and cheap every time. I can wait!


We expect all three around here and I have a whole cabinet full of resumes…


Unless I’m having an appendicitis attack…


I was reading it as “red, white, and blue”.


Time - Money - Kids


Every client I’ve ever had ever:

Fast and cheap thanks. And it better be good.


I like that site! I can have all three now!

Thanks to disabled JavaScript! :slight_smile:


Yup. Same rules in video compression.

For a given quality pick any two: Visual quality, Encoding speed, Final size.

You may have a fast, good looking encode, but it’s gonna be big. You can have a good looking, small encode, but it’s gonna take hours. You can have a small file encoded quickly, but it’s gonna look like fingerpainting with garbage juice.


Ooh, I’m saving that!
Whatever context it gets used in will be scary enough I’ll be glad to have it, and if I never find that context, I’ll be okay with that too!

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