One way to determine whether your publisher is happy with your work

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If it helps at all, I’m happy with your work.


I think it’s now safe to say that V.E. Schwab is definitely the most successful of my college classmates.


One of these days I will do some proper reading of your work (other than your posts here) @doctorow but you keep distracting me with recommends for other authors and those sweet sweet humble bundles of books.


I heartily recommend Little Brother as an introduction to Cory’s fiction.

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I like the novels and Little Brother is a prime example, but the short fiction shines a lot more for me.

Anda’s Game, After the Siege, Printcrime, I, Robot, and The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away are some of my favorites.

The old podcasts/recordings he did of them were great for when I was riding transit to work over a decade ago.

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File under read too many books (no such thing) I have read that or at least the graphic novel version and enjoyed it very much.

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