Little Brother bus-ads in San Francisco



Cory, I know I speak for every visitor to Boing Boing, when I say that we love it when your work is recognized. It’s especially nice to know that what you do is becoming more and more well-known and I’m personally pleased when you let us (the visitors) know that your work is being advertised or promoted in some way. Bus bench posters! Tomorrow, huge billboards in Times Square! Congratulations! By the way, my 14-year old loves Little Brother.


I concur he needs a billboard of little brother in london with lights in the most CCTV plagued area.

I’m hoping for “Little Brother” commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. Maybe featuring Seinfeld or Taylor Swift

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

Congratulations! There was also a very positive mention of ‘Homeland’ by Peiter “Mudge” Zatko during his recent DefCon 21 presentation, - Unexpected Stories From a Hacker Inside the Government:
35:06 for the props… Cheers Cory!

Thank you! Best to the kid, too!

I appreciate the message board banter, but I was serious. My compliment stands.

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Source Code should not be grouped with good movies like Sneakers and Existenz.

I don’t know. I liked Source Code. I found the questions it asked interesting. But I love stuff with the “what if” of time travel and alternative universes."

I agree former Congressman Weiner. But seriously, I agree. I just finished Homeland. I really enjoyed it.

Haven’t run into the bus ads yet, but I snagged a “One City One Book” bookmark flyer promoting your appearance at Green Apple today.

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