One year later: kids smart-watches are still a privacy and security dumpster fire

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The watch can receive phone calls? Nothing to worry about there, nope.

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Tell me again why a toddler needs a smart watch? Seems to me these companies are marketing to the parents to allow the company to spy on their kids.

Depending on Caller ID? Grmph. I wonder if spoofing is even possible in China such that it never occurred to the developers. Or they’re lazy. Both is good.

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It is mainly to keep tabs on them in an emergency. At least with my ex-wife that is the case. She can text her and she can voice to text back. Or maybe it is more of a voice mail back. All the stranger danger panic resurgence.

“…kids’ smart watches…” Fixed it for you.

Interesting how technology has become our new ‘nanny’ for the 21st century, much as the TV was in our generation. Busy moms get more done by plopping the little one in front of the device, rather than encouraging them to free range in the house. Not sure what parents are doing that’s more important than spending times watching their own children, but it is easily outsourced to a phone.

Working to feed and clothe their children?


Oh? Do tell us how moms are negligent parents. That was sarcasm BTW, please don’t actually.


It’s ALWAYS the mom, because her “natural” role is rearing children, didn’t you know? Women who don’t cook, clean, and spend literally all of their time chasing after children are just failures as women, AMIRITE! /S


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a mother can never be adequate in the eyes of other mothers, and every male asshat on this fucking planet.

Parenting, ey?


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