Onion launches a spot-on parody of VICE TV

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Is this related to the new IFC Vice spoof, or is it in the zeitgeist?

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I learned a lot from the vice documentary on Liberia.

…and alirang.

I don’t get the satire. While Vice covers a lot of lurid subjects, most of the pieces I’ve seen have been very good and not exploitive. In fact, I think they’re quite good at maintaining journalistic impartiality – far moreso than what I’ve seen in the mainstream media.


Vice uses a lot of cool graphics and reporters with hip glasses in part to sell their news, but yeah, this misses the mark because the reporting seems good.

A better parody would have WWF like intros to NPR like discussions with biography authors.

Irony on this post is pretty significant since boingboing has seen considerable uptick in clickbait in recent years without a clear line between more serious pieces and stuff just designed to grab the eyeballs.

Or better yet, reporters skydiving into a campaign event.

That Thomas Merton (?) guy is ripe for parody, despite doing good reportage overall. (He’s the VICE reporter who looks like a cartoon of a wimpy nearsighted hipster nebbish, and they keep sending him to interview, like, cannibalistic Somalian warlords sitting on thrones of human skulls. (I exaggerate, but not by all that much.))

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Right, the Vice is ripe for parody, and this is by no means “spot-on” Indeed it is a complete misfire.

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