Online banking for Nintendo's SuperNES (1998)


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“Super NES” should be two words with a space.


“If you experience trouble logging in, remove the cartridge and blow sharply on the connector”


The real crime here is a 2% interest rate when 6-month CDs were getting 6-8% at the time.


No! Don’t do that or you’ll blow the decimal place on your balance further to the left!


The real shame is we’ll never see that sweet mini keyboard controller. I’d actually use the hell out of that on the PC


I love how “locking your customers into your system so they can’t change banks” is expressed as “a step toward guaranteeing customer loyalty.”


No Amazon link! :frowning:


It’s kind of crazy some of the forward thinking stuff that existed on old consoles.

The Sega Genesis had the Sega Channel that delivered games on demand from your cable provider.

There was XBAND, a special modem for the SNES and Genesis that could be used for multiplayer gaming as well as BBS-like services.

Interesting fact about XBAND is that one of the founders was Steve Perlman. Perlman also founded the equally forward thinking WebTV Networks.


Ten years behind Japan and their NES that you could use to trade stocks, get weather forecasts and bet on horses.


That seems surprisingly behind-the-curve for 1998. I’m fairly certain I was already doing online banking at my local bank using my university-affiliated Internet connection and my PC’s web browser by then…


I still have some of those units new in box as well as a few of the software cards.


the screenshot showing a date of april 1st made me think this was going to be an early internet aprils fools day prank.


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