Wireless SNES controller for modern machines

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Awesome now I can get hand cramps whenever I want


I’m made uncomfortable at the thought of playing Sonic the Hedgehog with an SNES controller. That’s just not right.


“Apple’s key shortcoming is that they refuse to adhere to industry interface standards.” There, I fixed that for you.


Doesn’t seem to work with Amiibos, either.

Ok. I may need to have this explained to me.

Sonic the Hedgehog should be played with a Sega Genesis controller.

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(He asked, filling out the extra characters needed to post.)

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Sorry, I see now that I didn’t do my best to explain.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog games were released for Sega’s Genesis console, which was the main rival to the Super Nintendo during the “16-bit Wars”. Back then, there was a strong identification between Sonic and Sega, much like with Mario and Nintendo (indeed, Sonic was Sega’s answer to Mario). I grew up playing the Sonic games on the Genesis, so the connection of Sonic with Sega was driven into my impressionable young brain, and the strength of the association lingers in my mind today.

The image Rob included in the post makes me “uncomfortable” (full disclosure: I could actually care less) because it shows Sonic being controlled by the rival company’s game pad—the “wrong” controller.

However, it’s actually possible that I would feel a little weird were I to play Sonic on an SNES controller, because none of my muscle memory for the Genesis controller would be of use (assuming I’ve retained it after 20 years of dormancy).

My hands would be far more comfortable spin-dashing to beat Robotnik and save the chaos emeralds with this beauty:


Ah, I see now.

So, was that actually a real thing? Rivalry between SNES and Sega users, I mean? I pretty much ignored console video games between 1983 and 1997, so I missed all of that.

I believe it was similar to the whole Apple vs Microsoft thing from the same era, but less intense. The rivalry certainly existed between the companies, and that seemed to have trickled down a bit into the consumer space. For those who weren’t lucky enough to own both (but were lucky enough to own one of them), it was easy to think of oneself as being on a particular “side” of the console wars. There may have been some marketing wizardry to blame for that. I doubt anyone got beat up because they owned one machine rather than the other, but kids do come up with really stupid reasons to be mean to each other. Myself, I was always eager to go to the houses of friends with a Super Nintendo, so I could play the many great games they had that didn’t exist for Genesis.


For some reason, I was under the impression “console wars” was a really recent thing. Like, PS2/GC/Xbox-recent.

(But back then, it would have been like pitting Vectrex against Atari 2600.)

So … you do care?

No, I was speculating that my hands might feel a little weird at first, due to muscle memory, which I think is different than my faux discomfort which was affected for humor.

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