Explore the legacy of Sonic the Hedgehog in these truly weird minigames

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Sonic was a dopamine fix for gamers whose definition of “casual gaming” excluded anything more complex than Centipede— and I say that having been one of those gamers, as I pushed aside my NES to make room for the Mega Drive/Genesis and its promises of blast processing euphoria.

When the Sega Saturn’s own chapter came to a close, Sonic fans mourned the lack of a proper Sonic game on the platform. In retrospect, Sonic’s absence at that time was Sega’s lost opportunity to eschew him in favor of a gaming premise actually worth building into a dynasty and a corporate brand.

Loved Sonic as a teen, but it’s time to bury the fella already and leave him, and our memories of him, in peace.

This is so much better than anything Sega’s done with Sonic for years. Except the @sonic_hedgehog twitter account, that guy is gold.

Sonic as Sonic has nothing left, time to embrace the absurdity and bleakness as this game and @sonic_hedgehog do.

Meanwhile, nobody cares at all about Zool any more.

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The problem with the Sonic franchise is that there have been legitimately good Sonic games that came out in the years since Sonic went 3D. Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS was a throwback to the 2D Sonic games; Sonic Unleashed might’ve had the widely disliked Werehog stages, but the “Day” stages managed to make “3D Sonic” great; Sonic Colours was one of the best games on the Wii; and then there’s Sonic Generations.

But all of these games have been left forgotten, swept aside by gamers after the next disaster, so they can insist that Sonic the Hedgehog is dead and always has been. I’m sure that Sonic Dreams Collection isn’t the Sonic game that gamers want. But maybe it’s the Sonic game that gamers deserve.

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