There's going to be an Angry Birds-branded Sonic game

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Better or worse than Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley?

Wow, fallen far enough to share top billing(not actually on top; but larger type, maybe call it a draw?) with a flash-in-the-pan mobile title whose ‘characters’ were little more than psychologically cryptic living munitions.

That has to sting.

Of course, if this is what happened to Sonic, Tails is probably working as a downmarket squeegee man in some gritty intersection somewhere, and Dr. Robotnic is churning out $20 ODM routers based on realtek silicon and horrendously obsolete and insecure BSPs.

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I assume Godzilla is a secret boss in Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden.
In which case, yeah BSUaJG is way better.

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Has Angry Birds been a thing for years now? It’s like two cast members on the old Hollywood Squares teaming up, each hoping the other will rejuvenate their career.

More like a mutual suicide pact.

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No, Robotnik is making YouTube videos about how to potentially asphyxiate yourself, fulfilling his dream of a life of dastardliness:

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Sonic is just demonstrating a willingness to broaden his horizons beyond entrenched, confining notions of “‘gamer’ taste” like challenge and novelty. Or something.

But bad for electronics.

C’mon… five words, four fonts?

At this point it really doesn´t matter anymore what kind of humiliation SEGA comes up with to further desecrate Sonic´s abused, mutilated carcass.

To the best of my knowledge, Angry Birds is still doing quite well. They’re currently rocking 19 different Angry Birds games in the Google Play Store. Six of those games are in the top 300 free games list. And three of those are in the top 300 grossing games list (which is I guess some combination of buying games, and in-app purchases). And that’s not even taking into account merchandising, ad revenue in those free games, etc etc etc. As the father of a 6 year old, we are very Angry Birds Aware in our house. Lol.

Oh, and from reading the article (wait, we do that still?) - it looks like this is more a case of Angry Birds Epic characters being unlockable in Sonic Dash, not any kind of new game or anything. This seems to be the new thing with free/freemium games lately, companies doing crossover promotions.

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