Watch the Angry Birds movie trailer!

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That was…surprisingly lighthearted…for a movie based on a game where every level is a test of whether you can coordinate a series of suicide attacks efficiently enough to kill all your enemies, and destroy as much of their infrastructure as possible, without running out of troops.

I suspect that it wouldn’t focus-group very well; but I’d propose a gritty reboot, ideally in muted Quake-palette with sharply colored accents for impacts and the like; with less celebrity-voice-actor-grating-comic-mischief and more emphasis on the “When they’ve taken everything; you are your weapon of vengeance.” message.

The only real question is whether to make the pigs unidimensionally evil; or explore the brutalizing effect of the conflict on even those pigs who had originally been moderate; and the grim horror of porcine life in some of the obviously unsafe target structures…


Apparently, next summer “we’ll finally find out why the birds are so angry.”

Finally. We’ve been waiting for closure on that magnificent mystery for years.


yea, i thought the reason for the birds’ anger was already very well-established.


The Guardian wins:



While the snark is amusing, the original Angry Birds is still #64 in the Play Store’s top free games list (Angry Birds 2 is number 54). It’s #40 on Apple’s top paid apps list. People are still playing these games. A lot. And I’ll tell ya what, my 6 year old CANNOT. FUCKING. WAIT. He is going to make me watch this trailer 1000 times before the movie comes out.


Didn’t click, but the headline in your link is golden:

"The Angry Birds Movie Trailer - The Hottest Film of 2012 is Coming.


I knew it as that maemo game…

I can’t play Angry Birds in my browser any more. They are dead to me.

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Has Hollywood ever considered having writers write scripts? With characters and stories?


Not since the strike.

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Never got the chance to play it on my N900 before the Ovi store got killed off. Lightsoff is still pretty solid though, as far as obscure mobile games on platforms nobody’s ever heard of :slight_smile:


Yeah, I don’t get how everybody pretty much ignores the mastodon of cultural criticism that the AB games beat us over the head with: civilization is bad, domesticating creatures and taking/eating their offspring/byproducts is BAD, and those possessors of non-plant food and technology are bad, evil, doomed-by-their-own-behavior buffoons.

The birds neither toil, nor do they reap – yet they are the inheritors of the Rovio earth. The builders of buildings, the delvers of mines, those who defy gravity without wings – they shall be crushed, beaten, blown-up, cracked, broken, bent, brutalized, demoralized and mocked in a highly popular series of online shorts that my son is quite mad about.

So strange that a Finnish company would be so on the side of knocking down houses and running about without clothes. For what – 2 days a year?


I expect quality somewhere slightly north of The Spice Girls Movie.

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Since when has that been a thing?


Showing the lighter side of terrorism.

(Still, fuck those pigs)
(Not in the David Cameron way)


The pigs stole their eggs, man. And the birds are angry. roll credits

This was all established in the opening cinematic of the original AB.


Come to think of it, why did they need that giant slingshot? They’re birds. They can fly without a launch apparatus.


Looks like red(ditor?) has some other issues.

And this is why the Bad Piggies game is way more fun than anything Angry Birds.

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