World's first app-turned-movie reveals why those birds are so dadgum angry

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See, this is why I’m no fun at parties. I see a goofy movie with goofy humor and I can’t help but think: “Damn, that’s some weird nativist / anti-immigration subtext going on with the pigs…”

Glad the movie’s fun, though!


The grim 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes suggests they didn’t send enough people to Hawaii. (Or maybe some people are just plain bitter about not being invited to go to Hawaii.)


I thought that the game (at least, the first one) gave the reason why the birds were so angry at the pigs - the pigs stole their eggs!

That was always my understanding of the story.

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Send me to Hawaii to watch it while there’s a luau going on and I’ll let you know if I also liked it. I promise I won’t write a word unless I really really like Hawaii Angry Birds the Movie.

Also, less like Harry Potter, more like another movie that started out as something with no plot?


I’ve been dreading the release of this movie since tachin jr wants to see it. The reviews coming in are only confirming my suspicion, but the best one so far has to be this one:

The comments the reviewer has been getting from the gamerhater/MRA crowd have been predictably awful.


Those eyebrows!


I’m constantly disturbed by the anti-technology birds. They neither sow nor do they reap – and they destroy the works of the pigs, to boot. Do not the pigs Create Wealth through their Building? Do they not deserve some sort of reward for their labors? Even if that reward is but the humble nature product, the Egg?

I’m being hyberbolic. But the birds get to me. They seem reactionary. The pigs even have spaceships!


Meanwhwile, the limited run of the art-house historical drama Crush the Castle had a small, tasteful opening and wine-tasting in one of the cheaper gatehouses of Alnwick.


The birds are fraggles to the pigs’ doozers.


Well Sony sure got their money’s worth!

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[quote=“nimelennar, post:4, topic:78267”]the pigs stole their eggs![/quote]Also their legs, clearly.

I’m more hype for FLCL Season 2 than I am for the Angry Birds movie. ABSOLUTELY.


I really was all “Really…this game…a movie…really?!?”

But god help me, I find the trailers funny and entertaining. I want to see it!

It sounds like we have a colonial/anticolonial struggle here: The pigs are coming in and appropriating the birds’ territory, resources, and offspring on the basis of a technophilic narrative of industry and progress.

The birds are waging asymmetric warfare against their imperial overlords (and their material culture) through a series of martyrdom operations designed to cripple the pig infrastructure and make their continued occupation untenable.


In game it is fairly obvious that the pigs have a well-developed long-standing civilization (even if recent engineering undertakings are a bit… questionable).

This movie is coming off like a classic piece of agit-prop, legitimizing the terrorist actions of a select few reactionaries.


I don’t know how good or bad the movie is, but I have a hunch that most things become more enjoyable when experienced as part of a luxurious expense-paid Hawaiian vacation.

I got a sunburn in Kawaii once and if you’d asked me about it at the time I’d probably have rated it 8/10.


[quote=“Daedalus, post:13, topic:78267, full:true”]I’m more hype for FLCL Season 2 than I am for the Angry Birds movie. ABSOLUTELY.[/quote]Egads! I missed that news item. I wonder if the original will make more sense if I go back and watch it now? (Probably not.)

I can’t even prepare myself for disappointment. It’s hitting a place in my brain that I can’t be cynical about. I don’t know how. It could be awful. BUT MAYBE NOT?

It doesn’t make much sense, but it makes about as much sense as anybody’s first crush does, which I think is the perfect amount of sense for the show to make. :slight_smile:

I’m rather taken with the concept of IED, or Intermittant Explosive Disorder. Which totally reminds me of Pesto from Goodfeathers. Except that he had ED. Pesto Rants