Angry Birds sold to Sega for $1bn

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I was going to say, let us never forget the less kawaii groundbreaker

but TIL that it took its inspiration from “Castle Clout” the year before!

BTW @beschizza the link at /2023/04/17/angry-birds-sold-to-sega-for-1bn.html leads from that page back to that page, rather than to the BBS, requiring one (or at least, me) to sneak in via cannibalizing a different BB BBS page's URL, and the same issue arises with other recent posts of yours.

Something around $775m.


I’d be interested to read any kind of analysis that indicates why Rovio is worth just under a third of Bungie’s acquisition price by Sony. I admit I’m not in-touch with the economics of mobile games, but surely there can’t be enough big-spending pay-to-play users of Rovio’s games to justify $1bn.

You heard it here first, Angry Sonic on iOS and Android by 3rd quarter 2024.


I’m shocked that Sega sees a $1bn of value in that brand. It really seems to have run its course. They squeezed every toy, cartoon, movie, and freemium game out of it that they could, if you ask me.

The original game was really good- I loved it as much as anyone. Everything that happened after that, oof. Just…. oof.


And you can’t even play it anymore! I was so frustrated to find that the original download has been rendered unplayable (on iOS ant least) and all I can play are the dumb sequels and “editions” that came later with more complicated/janky mechanics. I feel like Rovio is a case of a developer getting way out over their skis, all while being just a hair too late for every opportunity, and thinks they still have a mega-brand.

Which, apparently they do (WTF Sega?). Maybe this means they’ll actually make the original and entirely perfect edition available again.


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