Online Image Editing Tools

Eventually I’m gonna get off my lazy duff, back up my laptop, and install Photoshop (an older version, of course.) But until then, I’ve had to rely on websites for my image editing needs. I’ve found two pretty good sites I’d like to share:

EZGIF is fairly basic. It has some effects and filters, but I mainly use it for cropping and resizing/optimizing images too large for the BBS. It renders pretty quickly and it’s not too hard to use.

I just found Dan’s Tools Free Online Image Editor tonight, while searching for a way to ghost my avatar. Unlike other sites I’ve seen, this one allows you to adjust overall level transparency, not just erasing background colors. It also supports levels, supplies various tools, and has quite a few effects to offer. The main problem I had with it was navigation. There are several floating windows that get very crowded on my tiny phone screen! It would probably work much better on a tablet or a regular computer.

If anyone’s found other good image editing sites, please chime in, I’d love to hear about them! :grin:


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