Tools for editing GIF images

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Also good:

@Melizmatic: I still owe you that drink, thanks again.


Seems interesting but i really despise how they’ve laid out all of the options. It could be easily put into some major categories and nested options. Having a big ol’ block of buttons is a visual nightmare for me.


What, you can edit Gif’s? Going to be a busy Winter round our house.


Being semi-stuck in the Adobe closed loop, I end up most often in Fireworks, the perpetuality dying vestigial limb. I’m not a graphic designer but am called upon for pretty frequent light-weight image and graphics editing and Fireworks has a nice mix of the most essential vector and bitmap editing tools, including some decent gif editing. Most importantly it leaves OUT 90% of the more niche tools and workflow from ps and ai that make them a pain to load and use for simple stuff.

I love this idea of narrowly focused tools with a rich but specific toolset aimed at specific common workflows. These tend to be afterthoughts in big behemoths.


Ah Progress. We should be able to run XaraX or something (64 bit paint! Unreleased City Hunter infinite runner games!) on the silicon and storage in an older hard drive still connected out of user lethargy! With this, at least my fingers aren’t knitted around imagemagick commands.


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